Currently Sclender targets windows by concatenating the Window Title Prefix, Window Title Suffix, and Program Title fields, and looking for that combined string of letters in the title of the window you're currently using. If the text matches, Sclender targets it.

Splitting the match title into 3 parts is particularly useful when targeting Sclender at web browsers. For example say you are attaching Sclender to Microsoft Edge and want to target a game running on Facebook, you'd input the following (quotes excluded, and pay close attention to the spacing inside of them):

Window Title Prefix: "[Game title]"
Window Title Suffix: " | Facebook"
Program Title: " - Microsoft Edge"

Sclender is flexible in how it targets windows.
* It can target windows belonging to an app that begin with a specific series of letters, or any window beginning with specific letters. * It can target windows whose titles have particular text * It can target windows with a particular app title * It can target any and all windows belonging to a particular app

!! Targeting Windows by Prefix

Use the Window Title Prefix field to target your app profile at windows which begin with a specific series of letters. If both the Window Title Prefix and Program File fields are specified for a profile, Sclender will only filter windows which both have the specified prefix and belong to the app in question. If the Program File field is empty (no app is specified), Sclender will filter all windows which share the prefix whenever they are in active use for as long as the filter is enabled.