Gamer's Gold (Full Version) Features

Gamer's Gold edition offers a number of helpful features to help you put on the best streams possible.

  • the Autorun feature will automatically activate filtering for any applications for which you have created dedicated filters as soon as the application launches launch. (this feature can be disabled from Config tab).
  • Filter Management features better help you keep track of filters running on many applications simultaneously.
  • Performance optimization features allow you more versatility in how you use your system resources to filter applications.

Setting up the Stream with Window tab

The Window tab contains the Filter Monitor Panel which allows you oversight of all currently active filters. You can pause or kill filtering for a particular application by pressing the appropriate button. Also provided is technical info for each running filter, including window title and ID information for the filters themselves and the applications (processes) they target. Depending on the software you are using you may need to provide a window title or a window ID number to enable your streaming software to interface with Sclender.

Let's look at what it takes to use Sclender with OBS. In this example we'll interface Sclender with a RPG Maker 2003 game.

In this image we've created our filter profile and have setup our filter for use. In this example I wanted to create a realistic consumer CRT TV effect by biasing the color a little toward red and blue and brightening the color along a custom ramp. I use CRT 2x to get the effect and Dejag to scale it because it's faster than running CRT 2x on feedback and I want to maintain 60FPS on my less-than-server-class machine ^_^. The image is still close to what would be perceived on a TV set. Leaving DPI Correction set to "None" tends to result in a clipped capture, so I set it instead to "Center with borders" because that works well with RM2K games. I don't want the filtered video to disappear when the game is inactive (so that I can lock into it with OBS), so I set Inactive Behavior to "Show".

I click the Attach button to interface RPG-RT.exe with Sclender. The prompt appears waiting for me to activate the game's window.

I click on the game window and Sclender creates its filter.

To stream our filtered output we open OBS and double-click on the Window Capture option.

We select the running filter from the list. Although the filter's title isn't visible, we know what it is because we consulted the list of running filters under the Window tab.

Seeing the filtered video in the preview helps us be sure we got the right window.

The filtered video is now ready for streaming.

Additional features

Support for resolutions above 1080p and any FPS

Sclender Lite is limits filter output to 1080 and 30 FPS. Gamer's Gold Edition has no such restrictions.

Adjust number of cores

Sclender Lite uses only one core for all filtering done on a single application. Gamer's Gold Edition will automatically use up to half your available processor resources for filtering, but you can adjust this number to as many cores as you like from the Config tab.

Choose which GPU to use for filtering

Depending on your system configuration and settings you may be able to use a different GPU than your main. For example you might use your integrated GPU inside your CPU or motherboard to handle filtering, leaving more resources for your discrete GPU. Sclender Lite only ever uses your primary GPU, but with Gamer's Gold Edition you can specify which GPU you want to use at the Config tab.

Fix the output position in place

Gamer's Gold Edition allows you to set filter windows at precise locations onscreen, rather than just offsets from the position of the target application.