Having difficulty getting an app to work with Sclender? Is a black (or white) box hiding your app? Read on for tips.

Tips For Getting Apps Working
The Last Resort: Virtualization


Sclender should not be expected to perform well with apps that make use of DirectX 12 features, such as stereoscopic 3D and HDR (so turn these settings off), nor does it support 10-bit and higher color depths. Currently Sclender tends to have difficulties with apps whose interfaces/graphics use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). WPF apps are distinguishable for their "website"-like interfaces and appearance, as opposed to the classic boxy gray "WinForms" look of for example Sclender Launcher. WPF apps will generally work inside Virtual Box (which Sclender can attach to), and they may also work if set to software-based rendering (rather than hardware).

Tips for getting apps working

As a general rule, set Click Mode to "Apps" when filtering an application. This way the mouse will probably behave as expected (there are still issues with scrollbars in some instances).


Every web browser produced for the Windows operating system works with Sclender. But not out of the box.

To use browsers with Sclender, you first need to disable any hardware acceleration functionality they may be using. Don't worry, today's machines are powerful and more than capable of handling browser requirements without hardware assisted acceleration. You might even notice better performance.


Chrome (and variants such as Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, etc.)



  • Works with no alterations needed as of v29.3


Unless the game makes use of obvious Windows widgets, stick with Click Mode setting "Game" when filtering games.

In our tests we have yet to find a game that Sclender would not work with after deactivating graphics enhancement features. Try turning feature levels down until you get a working image. If that doesn't work, consider installing "potato" mods which will strip all the enhancements (to get a working image) and then tinker with the settings of those mods until you've isolated the setting(s) which interfere with capture. Try to run the game in DirectX 11 mode if possible.

The Last Resort: Virtualization / VM targeting

If you can't disable hardware acceleration functions which prohibit capture, or else the app is preventing capture due to security measures/DRM, your last resort -- and it is a reliable one -- is to run the application in a virtual machine and attach Sclender directly to it. See the Tutorial sidebar at left for instructions on how to do this.